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Leaders in Business Sustainability

Welcome to an exclusive event that pushes your business into the future

Stockholm, Sweden

Leaders in Business Sustainability is a game-changing event that gives you the opportunity to share ideas and create synergies between industries. A full-packed half-day that pushes your business into the future.

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  • Yasemin ARHAN MODEER  > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes®
    Yasemin ARHAN MODEER
    CEO and Founder - Altitude Meetings
    She is passionate about finding solutions to all kinds of social challenges as well as to the huge climate problems and finding new economical models that make it possible to see…
  • Koen THEWISSEN > Speaker>  Dassault Systèmes
    Behaviour change strategist and Founder - wearedaniel
    Koen THEWISSEN is the founder of weareDaniel, a strategic communications consultancy that connects academia with ‘the real world’. Koen believes that the key to tackling today's…
  • Claes ERIXON > Speaker>  Dassault Systèmes
    Claes ERIXON
    Claes ERIXON joined Scania as trainee in 1994 after obtaining a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He commenced his…
  • Martin EDLUND > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes®
    Dr. Martin EDLUND
    Chief Executive Officer - Minesto
    Dr Martin EDLUND has for the last 20 years combined management consulting and strategy research collaboration with world-class technology companies such as ABB, GE, LM Ericsson…
  • Dr. Christofer LAURELL  > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes®
    Christofer LAURELL
    Senior Vice President of Research and Public Affairs - Einride
    Dr. Christofer LAURELL is the Senior Vice President of Research and Public Affairs at Einride, a Swedish technology company that develops and provides freight mobility solutions…
  • Jacques BELTRAN  > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes®
    Jacques BELTRAN
    VP Dassault Systèmes Cities and Public Services - Dassault Systèmes
    Jacques joined Dassault Systèmes in 2019 as Vice President for Cities & Public Services. In this capacity he is responsible for the worldwide activity of Dassault Systèmes in…
  • Vanessa BUTANI > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes®
    Vanessa BUTANI
    Vice President, Group Sustainability - Electrolux
    Canadian-Swedish Vanessa BUTANI is Electrolux Group VP of Sustainability since 2021. Butani was previously Head of Sustainability for Electrolux Europe and before that Director of…
  • Hillevi PRISCAR > Speaker>  Dassault Systèmes
    Hillevi PRISCAR
    Country Manager - Sweden, OX2
    Hillevi PRISCAR is Country Manager OX2 Sweden. She holds a Master of Science in Materials Science & Engineering (EEIGM) and has a long experience from the energy sector…

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