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Three pillars of business sustainability
  • April 26 2023 - 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Participants will select a roundtable and address the meaning of business sustainability – and how they can translate macro principles into concrete areas of focus.

Product & Service Innovation
Creating the next generation of tangible and intangible products and services, improving their flexibility and speed to market.
How do your drive collaboration to innovate across industries?

Business Model Evolution
Adapting to sustainable business models to develop innovative, competitive and circular businesses.

Many of today’s incumbent business models need to be completely redesigned. The good news is that, by taking the risk out of testing new modes of operation and by focusing on business outcomes, we can have a positive impact on the balance sheet of a company, as well as its growth ambition.  

People & Workforce of the Future
Thriving to develop, nurture and attract the workforce of the future

But how do we develop our workforce when many of the jobs we’ll have in ten or fifteen years don’t exist today?