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Episode 5: Innovation for Life
  • May 31 2022 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Human tissue response is the holy grail of life sciences research and SIMULIA suite of offerings is packed with the right tools and technology that are ancillary to revolutionize healthcare (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, patient care, and more). SIMULIA on 3DEXPERIENCE platform has already set out on its path to accelerating healthcare innovation. Under-utilized for a long time, today simulation technology is transforming the Life Sciences industry by leaps and bounds every passing day. This episode gives you a walkthrough of how SIMULIA is empowering patient-centric care and treatment. Combining people, processes, and data, SIMULIA technology is reducing and eliminating the need for expensive physical, human, and animal testing of treatment lines.

Sign up for this episode to secure your exclusive pass to a deep dive into how the digital twin of the living heart was built. Learn how the virtual human twin technology has enabled the treatment of several conditions with the right devices and drugs personalized to each patient’s anatomy and physiology. Simulations like virtual twins of the human heart and brain have received regulatory approvals from bodies like FDA to enable patient-specific disease and treatment modeling.

And that’s not it. Get a sneak-peek into how SIMULIA apps on 3DEXPERIENCE platform are helping create a safer and healthier classroom environment for children going back to school in the COVID world. Witness how a Splitter Valve turned single-patient ventilators help several patients at the same time using Dassault Systemes’ technology.

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