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Jason Benedict, CEO- 2022 BIOVIA Conference

 Stephen Hayward,BIOVIA

Kai Zhang, BIOVIA

Ton van Daelen, BIOVIA

Join us for the complimentary, virtual BIOVIA conference for customers and prospects globally.  Select from any of the Tracks: 

  • Laboratory Informatics
  • Data Science and Research Informatics
  • Drug Discovery and Development
  • Materials Innovation for Sustainability
  • Biopharma Quality and Analytics

BIOVIA's worldwide conference will be dedicated exclusively to the needs and interests of customers across the industries we serve. Last year we welcomed over 1200 customer attendees. See why 89% of our 2021 attendees rated the conference as “excellent” or “very good.”  

The 2022 BIOVIA Conference agenda includes expert presentations from current customers, industry thought leaders and BIOVIA staff and will feature:

  • Experiences using BIOVIA technology/services 
  • In-depth demonstrations of the latest BIOVIA technology and best practices
  • Valuable scientist-with-scientist interactions 
  • Live panels and interactive polling

The Many Benefits of Participating

Customers who present on a topic of their choice or participate in a panel discussion will receive many benefits including the ability to:

  • Share how you use BIOVIA technology 
  • Boost your professional credentials 
  • Expand the profile of your organization within your industry
  • Meet other experts in your technology area
  • Promote your discipline or specialty

Conference accessible through March 31, 2023.

Track 1: Laboratory Informatics Agenda Overview > Laboratory Informatics Track 1 > Dassault Systèmes®

The lab is the heart of any scientific organization. Learn how scientists are leveraging unified digital lab solutions to transform innovation and improve productivity. See how the new BIOVIA Laboratory Informatics solutions are leveraging the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform to streamline data access and facilitate collaborative data sharing. Discuss the new ELN, formulations, LIMS, and procedure execution solutions with our BIOVIA experts and other customers.



• ONE Lab, ScienceCloud, Lab Analytics, Procedure Execution

• Materials and Inventory Management

• Lab Testing

• Formulation development

Agenda Overview > Data Science > Dassault Systèmes® Track 2: Data Science and Research Informatics

Identify key ways of accelerating research, engineering and manufacturing processes via productization and democratization of data pipelining and AI/ML workflows

Learn how Pipeline Pilot enables scientists and engineers to experiment with, implement and automate data science workflows in a low code no code environment, and make them available as best practices across the enterprise. 

Explore how corporations implement data & AI strategies to support critical business processes in research, development and manufacturing.


• Data Science and Machine Learning 

• Reporting and Analytics 

• Managing Data (ETL) 

• Research Informatics 

• Applied Machine Learning (across industries) 

• Pipeline Pilot for Clinical Trials 

• Products: Pipeline Pilot, Collections for Chemistry, Imaging, Insight, Insight for Excel, Pipette Sketcher, Direct, Draw

Track 3: Drug Discovery and Development Agenda Overview > Pipeline Pilot > Dassault Systèmes®

Gain deeper insight into molecular modeling & simulation for BioPharma. Explore the nuances of protein chemistry, molecular mechanics, free energy calculations and new Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning methods to accelerate the discovery, design and development of small and large molecule therapeutics from target ID to lead optimization.


• BIOVIA Discovery Studio, Pipeline Pilot, Generative Therapeutics Design (GTD)

• AI-driven Drug Design

• Biologics

• Biotherapeutics Design & Development

• Drug Development

• Small Molecules

• Physics-based Methods for Lead Optimization

Agenda Overview > Materials Innovation > Dassault Systèmes® Track 4: Materials Innovation for Sustainability 

Hear how materials experts are leveraging multi-scale materials modeling & simulation to design and develop next-generation sustainable materials and processes.  The talks will include multiple industries and a range of materials, such as battery, fuel cell, catalysts, polymers, composites, alloys, and more.

Learn how digital continuity, modeling and simulation, informatics and new computational tools are allowing scientists to leverage existing data to build predictive performance models that optimize new materials to meet future sustainability requirements.


• Sustainability for Battery and Fuel Cells

• Materials Innovation (Polymer, Composites, Catalyst)

• Next Generation Technology for Materials Innovation

• Materials Studio

• Solvation Chemistry

• Contract Research

Track 5: Biopharma Quality and Analytics Agenda Overview > Life Science Modeling and Simulation >  Dassault Systèmes®

Quality is at the heart of any Biopharma organization. Get the latest updates on BIOVIA’s latest applications for document management and authoring, quality management, quality control testing and review-by-exception, and biopharma intelligence. Learn from other customers how they are improving quality processes and documentation, lab efficiency and compliance as well as product quality and yield and process understanding.



• Structured Documents

• Quality Lab

• Discoverant