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1:00pm CEST / EST

Opening Remarks

1:05pm CEST / EST

Sustainability Driving Innovation, Dassault Systèmes Executives

Olivier SAPPIN, Jean-Paul ROUX, Florian JURECKA

1:27pm CEST / EST


Customer Keynote - Addressing CPG industry challenges with a MODSIM approach

Mel CREASEY, Packaging Excellence Leader, Unilever

1:47pm CEST / EST


Unified Modeling & Simulation for Sustainability                                                                      Discover more

Gregor JUDEX, Daniel PYZAK, Dhiraj NAHAR & Satheesh KANDASAMY

2:32pm CEST / EST

Customer Keynote – Renaulution Virtual Twin: Empowering design teams through simulation

Pascal REMUSAN, General Manager of Methods & Tools for Numerical Simulation - Renault Group

2:52pm CEST / EST

Customer Keynote – How PepsiCo Is Transforming Packaging with Sustainable, Digital Innovation

Max RODRIGUEZ, Senior Manager Global Packaging R&D, PepsiCo

3:15pm CEST / EST

Discussion with Keynotes

3:50pm CEST / EST

Break and Transition to Panel Discussions

4:00pm CEST / EST


MODSIM In Action - Panel Discussions

1. Unifying Modeling and Simulation to Drive Efficient Concept Design Development               Discover more

2. Think Light? Do Light at the Speed of Light with 3DEXPERIENCE Generative Design             Discover more

3. Value Up Journey – MODeling on SOLIDWORKS and SIMulating on 3DEXPERIENCE              Discover more

4. ADAS: Increase active safety and driver assistance with MBSE                                                  Discover more