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Keynote Speakers
  • October 18 2023 - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

In the world of Supply Chain and Logistics, optimization has become an essential tool for developing feasible and sustainable plans that achieve goals for the customer, the business, and the environment. DELMIA Quintiq is a unique application that enables this powerful technology for hundreds of companies around the globe and solves today’s complex business problems. Its capacity to solve the most complex planning challenges makes Dassault Systèmes  a leader in optimizing disciplines such as Transportation, Production and Workforce. This includes supporting two of the world’s top three logistics companies, two of Europe’s top three rai! companies and agencies that operate 70% of the world’s airspace.

In recent years, transportation visibility in real-time has become a new reality for shippers and logistics providers. Telematics and visibility platforms revolutionized the way transportation is considered as part of a complete process and now can be leveraged to address critical challenges …

1. A line haul is too late to meet cutoff, how many distribution trucks should I cancel?
2. Production Schedule of tomorrow is not feasible due to delay with upstream delivery, what opportunistic rescheduling is feasible before line stoppage?

Greater visibility has triggered a new scope of optimization processes and use-cases that Dassault Systèmes is building with transportation customers to deliver significant savings and service improvements. This presentation will explore real-world examples of how DELMIA Quintiq and Virtual Twin Experiences have helped companies improve their Supply Chain and Logistics operations and unleashed the power of optimization!