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Eurocentral Regional User Meeting

SIMULIA Community

From May 3-5, we held our SIMULIA Regional User Meeting in Hanau, Germany. It was a great event, and we would like to thank all speakers and sponsors for their contribution and all attendees for their in-person or online participation.

Do you miss this event? 
Please find all available presentations on our SIMULIA Community

Event overview and results from our survey
#72 speakers - #42 external #30 internal 
#24 countries covered
#181 in-person attendees
#89 online attendees
#9 sponsors
#4 demo booths

Attendee split per discipline: 
44%  Structures
38%  Electro Magnetism
9%     Fluids
8%     MBS
1%     Vibro Acoustics

Satisfaction (very satisfied/satisfied):
#62%/38% Overall event satisfaction 
#88%/12% Facility satisfaction
#37%/60% Speakers quality satisfaction
#37%/58% Content quality satisfaction
#69%/31% Likely to recommend to a colleague