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Sustainable Agriculture: Hunger, Health & The Future of Food

Today’s world has been revolutionized by technologies that are increasingly connected, networked and accessible to the masses. In stark contrast, agricultural production is still constrained by industrial-era economics. Caleb Harper is driving a paradigm shift from the industrial to the networked age of agricultural production. He believes this is the key to democratizing food production and empowering people to take back control over what they are eating and where it’s coming from.

Harper discusses the global food crisis and how his “Food Computer” – a technology that serves as a shared, hackable platform using robotic systems to control and monitor climate, energy and plant growth indoors – is already revolutionizing the future of farming. He paints a picture of his vision for a digital world farm and describes its ecological, environmental, economic and societal implications. His mission is one everyone can get behind, from businesses to investors, educators, researchers and chefs.

“Making agricultural practices radically transparent will improve access to fresh, nutritious foods, reduce food spoilage and food waste, and create local and global communities that are built on a shared platform and shared data.” Food is everybody’s business – and Harper explains why.