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In conjunction with the Additive Manufacturing Symposium, we will host an Additive Manufacturing Hackathon. The event will start in the afternoon session of the Symposium and end on May 17. The Hackathon challenges will be design statements based on real-world problems proposed by industry experts. Teams will be assembled based on area of interest and attendee expertise and comprise industry, and academia. Each team will be assigned a dedicated Dassault Systèmes mentor.

At the end of the Hackathon, teams will have the opportunity to print their designs and present their solutions to a selected panel of jurists. Winners of the Hackathon will be announced before the conclusion of Science in the Age of Experience.

Come prepared to experience the future of design and manufacturing – all driven by science!


Goals and objectives of the Hackathon:

-Learn about Additive Manufacturing from design to manufacturing
-Engage with software and hardware developers
-Obtain hands-on experience through the Hackathon and network with the community
-Consult with industry experts to address challenges
-Learn about trends in new materials, new processes and new applications


Who attends the Hackathon:

-Research professionals
-Product designers and engineers
-Manufacturing engineers


What Is a Hackathon?

Inspired by the well-known tech software/hardware industry hackathons, our Additive Manufacturing Hackathon is an extended creative team-oriented exercise in learning, creating, and doing. Attendees will be divided into teams and given a challenge problem. They will work together throughout the Hackathon guided by roaming experts on simulation and 3D printing to produce a finished part that will be printed on-site. Hackathons are fun-filled, inspiring and exhausting races-to-the-finish with a final presentation that will show off the work, creativity, and output from the team. You will be pushed to your limits, but will enjoy every moment of it! If you haven’t done one before, check it out!

  • May 15-18 2017 - 12.50 am - 2.00 am