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How MODSIM Benefits the Development of Packaging Solutions

The use of simulation in the CPG industry has grown significantly over the past 25 years, becoming essential for packaging development and validation. While typically handled by specialists, the industry faces the pressing challenge of sustainability, demanding innovative solutions and greater agility in development. Simulation is a key tool in accelerating innovation and should shift from a reactive troubleshooting approach to proactive use for concept evaluation and virtual testing of new designs and materials. Companies are recognizing the need to democratize and automate repetitive simulation tasks to enhance agility.

Automation is central to unifying CAD and simulation models, with MODSIM (modeling and simulation on a common data model) serving as more than just simulation-driven design. It empowers simulation to drive the entire product development process, covering requirements, design exploration, processes, automation, change management, and collaboration. This panel discussion explores how automation bridges the gap between CAD and Simulation models, emphasizing the significance of MODSIM in the Packaging Industry. It delves into when and how MODSIM can benefit packaging development, ultimately creating value for companies.