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System Architecture using SysML and MagicGrid V2
Day One
  • October 11 2022 - 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Room Pascal


System architecture defines the system at the logical layer of abstraction. When applying the model-based systems engineering (MBSE), the system architecture can be captured as a SysML model. However, SysML is just a language and must be utilized in combination with some modeling methodology.

MagicGrid is a modeling framework for specifying the requirements and architecture of a complex system. It empowers SysML and can be a good starting point for the MBSE adoption in an engineering project.

After introducing the MagicGrid Book of Knowledge (BoK) ed1 a few years ago, the framework has been approved by numerous companies as the official MBSE methodology. During these years, the MagicGrid development team has received a lot of feedback from the users. Most of their comments, questions, and suggestions have turned into the updates of the framework, which are included in the latest edition of the MagicGrid BoK; for example, the alignment of the MagicGrid workflow with technical processes of the systems engineering described in ISO 15288, the addition of the Safety & Reliability pillar.

During the hands-on training, participants will learn:

  • The updates of the MagicGrid described in the MagicGrid BoK ed2
  • Modeling workflow defined by the latest MagicGrid
  • Models’ organization according to the MagicGrid


  • Understanding of SysML and modeling basics
  • Computer with Magic Systems of Systems Architect or Magic Cyber Systems Engineer (alternatively: Cameo Enterprise Architecture or Cameo Systems Modeler) installed

Methods: Presentations, discussions, and case study-based practical assignments

Course Materials: Slides and case study model