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Managing Projects in TeamWork Cloud (TWC)
Day One
  • October 11 2022 - 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Room Ampere


Teamwork Cloud (TWC) provides teams of modelers with many capabilities. Those capabilities include a centralized repository to work collaboratively on models and provide access control and version control of those models. This session will be a shortened version of our 2-day Teamwork Cloud training class. It will cover how to utilize these capabilities for the team. The modelers will learn about working in TWC on a project, how to use element level history, and a few others feature from the modeling tool. Project Managers will learn how to set user and group permissions, along with understanding project usage structure, and discuss merge-operations. The class will also cover how to share models between other TWC instances. There will be live demos of these features in TWC. 

Audience: Modelers, Project Managers, and IT Administrators.

Methods: Presentations, discussions, live demos

Course Materials: Slides