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KEYNOTE: Future MBSE need based on the INCOSE Vision 2035
Day Two
  • October 12 2022 - 7:30 am - 8:00 am
  • Room Lindholmen Konferenshall

Future MBSE needs based on the INCOSE Vision 2035

INCOSE has released a new version of the Systems Engineering Vision. The new version “ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD” replaces the Version 2025 and provides an outlook to the year 2035. It inspires and guide the strategic direction from executive leadership, policy makers, tool vendors, practitioners to researchers and student. An overview will be provided and set in context with the current situation with the main focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa to address future systems engineering challenges, broaden the base of practitioners and promote research and education. In the conclusion, the impact on MBSE needs is set, potentials are identified and necessary steps are derived based on current experiences.

Submitted by Sven-Olaf Schulze, 06 May 2022