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Intro to Model Analysis and Simulation
Day One
  • October 11 2022 - 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Room Tesla


In the field of engineering, computer-aided simulation has a broad scope of applications and its usage depends on the industry, role, or tool. Despite all the differences, the key benefits of simulation can be summarized in this way – simulation is usually cheaper compared to the building of the real thing and simulation can be utilized before the availability of a prototype. For these reasons, there is a real industry necessity to practice simulation techniques at the earliest possible stage of the product lifecycle. Nowadays, simulation can be applied to the system-level models to tackle complex issues arising in the initial system architecture or behavior definition phases. 

Primary for these reasons, our tutorial is oriented to Systems Engineers who want to learn how they could leverage CATIA Magic tools model execution capabilities to simulate their initial systems architecture and behavior description. The tutorial will cover the foundational principles of SysML model execution. Therefore, the target audience should be people who have limited exposure to CATIA Magic Model Analyst tool but want to improve their knowledge about its capabilities and get a clearer picture of how system simulation could be applied in the early product lifecycle phases.

Major topics that will be covered during the tutorial include:

  • Executable Model Structure
  • Executable Behavior Description
  • Usage of Parametric Diagram
  • Graphical User Interface Creation
  • Requirements Verification

Prerequisites: The tutorial will be held as a hands-on tutorial and for the best experience, participants are recommended to have a computer that can support CATIA Magic tools system requirements. Required installation packages and licenses will be provided during the tutorial, therefore, for the participants, it is not essential to have the software before the session.

Methods: Presentations, discussions, and case study-based practical assignments

Course Materials: Slides and case study model