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Holistic Systems Engineering meets DevOps: Automated Completeness and Consistency Management of the Digital Thread
Day Two
  • October 12 2022 - 9:30 am - 10:00 am
  • Room Newton

In the new era of digitalization, there is an ever-rising need for design and production processes capable of increasing systems quality, reducing risks and the chance of errors, while at the same time, reducing overall production costs. Nowadays, systems design scenarios comprise a high number of domains and display a remarkable diversity in their nature. However, the tool landscape underlying this conceptual space is, unfortunately, still fragmented into closed ecosystems, making it difficult for practitioners to realize the full potential of digital engineering. To effectively deal with such novel, massively diverse, yet interdependent engineering scenarios, we propose innovative, multi-faceted and automated toolchains for supporting every phase of the modern systems engineering lifecycle, while freeing the diverse engineering data from their silos and turning the separate perspectives into a single, interrelated, globally analyzable digital thread.
In the talk, we demonstrate our approach in the context of an involved multi-domain engineering scenario of a complex requirements and systems engineering process. Our demonstration will illustrate what can be accomplished with open tools and ecosystems, where requirements are managed in Jama, system architecture plans originate in Cameo, and overall project management is facilitated using JIRA. The underlying digital thread is maintained by the IncQuery Suite, which watches over all the phases and provides inter-domain validation and consistency analysis, model navigation, digital documentation generation, all supported by high-performance REST APIs and devops-based automation workflows.