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Early validation of operational concept in space industry
Day Two
  • October 12 2022 - 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
  • Room Tesla

Mid 2021, ESA has decided to launch OPS-SAT 2 mission, which will put emphasis on optical communication between ground stations and a CubeSat (small satellite), and that will support the definition and upload of experiments on the satellite (take pictures, activate laser reflectors,…). 

A report has been defined to detail the operational concept with some drawings that explain the sequence of operations (Optical Communication, Radio Frequency Communication, launch of experiment) and the synchronization of the satellite with Ground stations when the weather is not cloudy.

In this paper and presentation, we explain how it is possible to formalize this operational concept by translating all drawings and text into a SysML model with Cameo Systems Modeler that contains both the operational architecture and the operational behavior. We show how this model can be simulated with the Cameo Simulation Toolkit to ease the early validation of the operational concept and support the definition of a wide range of operational scenarios including some not yet envisioned.