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Application of end-to-end MBSE in fast paced project based environments
Day Two
  • October 12 2022 - 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Room Tesla

Not everyone benefitting from MBSE is part of a large program or comes from aerospace, defense, automotive, or other highly regulated areas. 
We, for example, are an SME covering the entire lifecycle for holistic user experiences in science and knowledge communication. Our projects start in the early conception phase and end in deploying the final product. They range from small technical prototypes to tens of thousands square meters planning for large-scale museums.
The total project time often narrows down to the delivery times of its components, resulting in many parallel processes - one of the main reasons for complexity.
In the past, 3D-models were the first catch as single source of truth although they often were heavily biased from the product design or mechanical engineering perspective and stayed monolithic and agnostic of the rest.  As a result, they could not fit the rising complexity of systems and schedule compression. 
This is why we implemented "Systems Design”, taking care of formally transforming artifacts from processes into models - by applying an "evolution driven" modeling approach - easing the transition between project phases, domains of knowledge and functioning as a main source of truth while maintaining traceability and speed.

Since 2019 we moved to MBSE on the Cameo toolchain; after testing our new approach in a few lighthouse projects, we are now in the midsts of a full rollout.

This presentation will demonstrate the benefits from MBSE throughout project lifecycles, discuss the pain points of rapid product development, and share useful lessons learned.