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What’s New: Industrial Engineering

Learn about updates in the DELMIA Virtual Ergonomics, Robotics and Fabrication solutions.

This session will cover updates in DELMIA Virtual Ergonomics, Robotics and Fabrication solutions.
DELMIA Virtual Ergonomics:

The DELMIA Ergonomic Workplace Design application is already a fast an efficient way to assess safety in 3D and it is getting better!
Learn more about two new features:

  • Multi floor: Quickly change floor surface and try different working height for your workers
  • Time estimation: Get an estimate of the time needed for your worker to perform its tasks 

DELMIA Robotics:

Today’s robotic systems have to interact in a complex environment. Many variables need to be considered to operate safely and efficiently. See how robot simulation can simulate real-world conditions created by robot safety envelopes and sensors.
DELMIA Fabrication:

Discover how to save time and machine complex parts faster with new 5-axis roughing operations.