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MBSE and Domain Simulation - Traceability and Exchange for SysML Artefacts using the SSP format
Trainer: Hans-Martin HEINKEL, Group Leader, Bosch Corporate Research
  • June 18 2024 - 9:55 am - 10:25 am

Virtualization in product development of increasingly complex products is becoming more and more important. In addition, product development today increasingly takes place in a network of partner companies with heterogeneous IT environments. This increases the use of model-based development and simulation as part of initial development and subsequent validation. 

The end-to-end connection and traceability of data artifacts is a key point here. However, there is currently a break in the transition from MBSE based on SysML to domain simulation.

In this article, we want to show an approach based on Catia Magic and the Modelica SSP standard as a transition to the simulation domain. Using an example, the export of the functional architecture, parameters, requirements, into the SSP format will be shown, as well as the use in 3 simulation tools that support the SSP standard. After an overview of the tools that currently support this approach, an outlook of the further planned work in the prostep SmartSE project will be shown.