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Call for Speakers

Call for Presentations - BIOVIA Live: Europe 2024

Calling all scientific trailblazers and BIOVIA champions! Are you pushing the boundaries of discovery, revolutionizing research workflows, or harnessing the power of BIOVIA solutions to make a real-world impact? We want to hear your story!

BIOVIA Live: 2024 is your stage to spark scientific collaboration. Share your expertise, insights, and innovations at this dynamic conference, where scientists, industry leaders and BIOVIA experts come together to collaborate, learn, and inspire.

We're seeking presentations that spur curiosity and ignite imaginations across diverse scientific domains:

  • Laboratory Informatics: Unleash the power of data - from streamlined workflows to AI-powered insights, showcase how you're optimizing lab efficiency and driving scientific progress.
  • AI/Machine Learning for Research: Dive deep into data science - share your strategies for data integration, analysis, and knowledge extraction, unlocking the secrets hidden within scientific data.
  • Drug Discovery and Development: Accelerate the design of novel therapeutics - present your breakthroughs in the discovery of small molecule drugs and biotherapeutics using AI, machine learning and molecular modeling and simulation, showcasing how BIOVIA fuels innovation in life sciences.
  • Materials Innovation: Build a brighter future - explore how you're using BIOVIA to design sustainable materials, create renewable energy solutions, and address the world's most pressing environmental challenges.
  • Formulations: Create sustainable products – share how you are designing and reformulating products to be more cost-effective and use more sustainable materials.
  • Biopharma Quality and Regulatory: Assure excellence at every step - demonstrate your approaches to quality control, data-driven manufacturing, and regulatory compliance, ensuring the highest standards in every product.
  • Manufacturing: Enhance quality with analytics – describe how you increase product quality in the manufacturing realm by using advanced analytics and automated trend alerts.

Submit your abstracts by email at:

Thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract to the BIOVIA Live 2024!