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Abstracts and Posters

Poster Session at BIOVIA Live Europe 2024: In Person Presentation

Important Dates:

  • Submit title and abstract by September 13, 2024
  • Acceptance notified by September 20, 2024

Committee and Selection:

  • The selection panel of the conference committee will review all abstracts received by the deadline to ensure relevance to the conference. Previously presented posters and research are eligible for submission.
  • The presenting author must ensure all co-authors are aware of the abstract content before submission.
  • Research presented in the poster should utilize at least one BIOVIA product.
  • Abstract selection notifications will be sent to the relevant authors.
  • A poster should be self-contained and self-explanatory, allowing viewers to understand the content independently.

About the Presentation of the Poster:

  • Presenter will need to prepare the horizontal poster that measures (A0 size) 84cm (height)*119cm (width).
  • A 1-hour session on October 16 will be dedicated to a poster session for live interaction. Any BIOVIA Live attendee can view the posters and can ask questions directly to the authors making the presentation during the session.

Contact Victor Milman to submit your abstract or poster.

During the abstract submission process, you will be required to declare the following:

  • I confirm that I have reviewed this abstract and that all information is accurate.
  • I certify that I have obtained the necessary consent from each author of the abstract and/or each author's employer to submit the abstract for publication (e.g., Conference website, programs, other promotions, etc.) and have the required authorization to make the following representations, grants, and commitments on their behalf.
  • I (on behalf of each author and/or each author’s employer) represent and warrant that no part of the information or content included in the abstract ("Content") provided to Dassault Systèmes Americas Corp or any of its affiliates (individually and collectively the "Organizers"), nor the publication of any such Content by the Organizers, on the internet or otherwise, infringes any third-party rights, including but not limited to privacy rights and/or intellectual property rights in any jurisdiction.
  • I (on behalf of each author and/or each author’s employer) grant the Organizers a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub licensable, non-exclusive copyright license to the Content to reproduce, publish, translate, distribute, and/or display the text of the Content for internal and external communications and marketing purposes in print and online formats.
  • I (on behalf of each author and/or each author’s employer) agree to release and forever discharge the Organizers from all claims, demands, and causes of action which I, and my heirs, representatives, executors, or any other person, may have by reason of this license and authorization, and to indemnify the Organizers in the event of a breach of any representation and/or warranty.