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Reveal the full experience

Take the simulation a step further! By putting designs into a broader context that encompasses all aspects of the product and its environment, you are able to create the full experience virtually. It may include some real-time aspects with the person being part of the loop, enabling simulation to be leveraged in the field in a very interactive way. This enables user experience validation during the development process and may later be leveraged for training and marketing. 


Air Taxi

What You See: An interactive journey that illustrates an air taxi customer experience

How It Works: Simulation is used to validate new air mobility concepts and tell the story around an innovative product

Why It’s Important: It provides a glimpse into how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform will help transform the air travel experience 

More Info: SIMULIA Urban Air Mobility Website

Driving Simulator

What You See: A full vehicle model using real-time multibody simulation to accurately understand vehicle behaviour

How It Works: Multiple components are simulated together as a combined system

Why It’s Important: Multibody simulation helps engineers understand how complex systems integrate and mechanically interact with each other

More Info: SIMULIA Vehicle Dynamics Performance Website