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Parallel session 2: Business session


14:30 - Welcome & Introduction

Speaker: Marcello Ferrero

14:35 - Virtual Reality LAB

Speaker: Marco Paesani

14:50 - Extended design and engineering collaboration at Piaggio Aerospace

Speaker: Dario Dellavalle

Piaggio Aerospace continues to represent the state of the art in the aviation industry, designing, developing, manufacturing and maintaining manned & unmanned aircraft and aero-engines for private operators, governments, and military. Piaggio Aerospace will present how the company has extended their design and engineering processes through the entire organization as well as the external suppliers. This has been a solid lever to pursue continuous product improvement and to ensure maximum efficiency in their industrial processes and distinction in the products and services they offer to the customers.

15:05 - Falco 48 Project

Speaker: Renato Gollino

15:20 - In the future of mobility

Speaker: Filippo Guidazzi

Hypertec Solution is a large engineering company able to enhance the expertise of each of our customers, our main market segments and the most exciting products designed over the years. The case of LACAMA: a powered motorbike driven by electricity. In a world in need of ecology, new ideas and ever-increasing emotions, LACAMA is the synthesis of all this. A vehicle with incredible performance but with a very high autonomy, a European technology concentrate with a very low weight, the quality of Italian design in a super sports car ... all this was possible by mixing the skills of our technicians with those of Italian Volt designers. The result: LACAMA.

15:35 - Effeffe Cars: The Great Excellence Artisan collaborates with High Tech

Speaker: Leonardo Frigerio

La Effeffe Berlinetta is a GranTurismo thought, and built today, completely hand-made according to the canons of the time, the mythical 50s, without the help of any machinery, recalling those cars used to run on the streets of the "Mille Miglia" "Targa Florio" or "Carrera Panamericana" that at the weekend went to the theater with the same ease, designed in collaboration with SolidWorks and the latest technology of Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing. A masterpiece of style and engineering Made in Italy still extremely topical.

15:50 - Civil Design & BIM on Cloud - Civil engineering projects in BIM and Cloud platform

Speaker: Stefano Guanziroli

The implementation of BIM processes and their efficiency are key aspects of the digital transformation that the entire construction industry faces. In this context, Civil Engineering has a key role moving from concept to realization. Some projects will be presented using the 3DExperience Platform in BIM Design and Cloud Platform, including the feasibility study of a cables-braced pedestrian bridge, part of a more complex urban reclamation project, and the development of a new complex productive with prefabricated structure, designed in BIM interchange logic.

16:05 - Power'By for CATIA V5 and MultiCAD management within 3DEXPERIENCE

Speaker: Ugo Vicenzi 

The speech will concern a variety of topics like Power'By for the complete management of CATIA V5 inside the 3DEXPERIENCE, Data Management, Configuration and Change scenarios, Dashboarding, Power'By for MultiCAD data management inside the Platform.

16:20 - Conclusion

Speaker: Marcello Ferrero

  • November 14 2017 - 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm