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This year's Dassault Sytèmes booth presentation at HANNOVER MESSE shows how seamless real-time collaboration can make a sustainable mobility concept a reality.

The provider e.Volution, which is one of the 'godfathers' of the booth presentation this year, develops, produces, and operates Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) systems consisting of innovative special vehicles powered by fuel cells. This business model is not only an exciting example but also demonstrates some of the core challenges for new forms of distribution.

However, the tasks shown in the presentation, such as continuous, modular upgrading and retrofitting service life and usage options over a longer period of time, also place completely new demands on the manufacturer and its value creation partners.

For example, e. Volution itself does not have the special know-how about the fuel cell technology used. Therefore, the overall presentation shows how the implementation of the business model is nevertheless successful with the help of the establishment and use of a collaborative network. Only on the basis of 3DEXPERIENCE as a single source of truth is it possible to ensure rapid implementation of the idea/concept through simulation, production, and service.

Experience the following development processes at our demo points:

  • Idea creation 

At the first point of the booth presentation, you will experience how the requirements for product development can be systematically defined to fit the needs and technical framework of the new product.   

  • Design - product development

In the next step, you will see how product development is transferred to the implementation phase. The individual value creation partners can access the respective development status of their division and the overall project in real-time. -For our example, this means Initial simulations of the operation and performance of the fuel cell version are created.

  • Production planning - line design and automation

Now follow us into the configuration of the fuel cell module stack segment (stacker) for product development and its mapping in project management. This includes the integration of external data from other systems, as well as the creation of a common virtual twin for a product, work cell, and production line.

  • Optimization in terms of quality and speed - Optimization of the manufacturing process

The next demonstration shows how Model-Based Systems Engineering is used as an approach to unambiguously define and validate product properties and ensure data consistency. Also on display: is the use of relevant simulation methods for fluids, flow, and material behavior.

  • Virtual commissioning/ virtual factory planning- virtual commissioning/ plant layout

Follow us into the realm of virtual testing as well as commissioning and manufacturing including feasibility studies. Experience the validation of the planned plant as a virtual setup scenario at the intended manufacturing site.

  • Service and usage concept - new business concepts EaaS /pay-per-use

Not to forget the support of new concepts for service accounting after handover to the user. Points such as data acquisition and evaluation for use in predictive maintenance will be shown at the next station of the trade fair presentation.

  • Marketing & Sales

In the last step of the scenario, follow us to the "closed-loop concept" and see how feedback from the individual process steps can flow back into the idea pool for new variants and developments or even completely new business models.


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