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Agenda Overview

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Register today for this year’s virtual, complimentary, worldwide BIOVIA Conference, September 14-16, 2021. Being virtual means you can choose the sessions during the three days. Explore the abstracts for many different tracks below:

Laboratory Informatics 

Learn how today’s unified digital lab improves innovation and productivity by streamlining data access and facilitating collaborative data sharing. See how BIOVIA Laboratory Informatics solutions are leveraging the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform for transformative workflows.


Hear how digital continuity, modeling and simulation, informatics and new computational tools are allowing scientists to leverage existing data to build predictive performance models that optimize formulations to meet product specifications.

Pipeline Pilot

See how to rapidly create, test and publish scientific services that automate the process of accessing, analyzing and reporting scientific data. See how you can leverage Pipeline Pilot protocols to automate the scientific analysis of data and rapidly explore, visualize and report results.

Research Informatics

Discover how in silico techniques address a range of problems in the fields of chemistry and biology. The focus will be on how scientists store, represent and search molecules, reactions and sequences, and how they leverage interactive decision support tools to collaborate effectively.   

Life Sciences Modeling & AI

Gain improved insight into modeling & simulation for the Life Sciences. Explore the nuances of protein chemistry, molecular mechanics, free energy calculations and new Artificial Intelligence methods in accelerating the discovery of small and large molecule therapeutics from target ID to lead optimization.

Materials Innovation

Hear how today’s integrated, multi-scale materials modeling & simulation environment is allowing scientists in many industries to engineer better performing, next-generation materials of all types, including catalysts, polymers, composites, metals, alloys, pharmaceuticals, tires, batteries and more.   


Understand how a validation-ready manufacturing analytics solution for data access, automated aggregation/contextualization, analysis and reporting can help your organization achieve regulatory compliance, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and speed time to market. 


Learn how a fully integrated, data-centric, cloud-based Quality Management solution allows your organization to automate quality processes, promote data integrity, reduce compliance risks and achieve Total Quality and Compliance Excellence.