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Experience The Virtual Twin For A Sustainable Economy

Bengaluru, India

The event explored captivating stories from our customers and industry leaders on the impact of Virtual Twin Experiences on rethinking products, processes, and business models.

Our Speakers

Bernard Charles > Speaker>  Dassault Systèmes

A complete metamorphosis - a radical shift in our perspective on the world - is required. This can only be achieved by leveraging the virtual worlds to improve the real world. Our science based Virtual Twin Experiences rely on a range of multiscale disciplines - biology, chemistry, materials science, mechanics and electromagnetism - allowing our AI engines to transform their gigantic, unorganized data, into structured knowledge and know-how. These virtual assets are becoming the enabler of new products and services to the end consumer, which is what business leaders are expecting: not just the virtualization of the product, but the virtualization of the product in the context of its usage – this is what “Experience” is about.

Executive Chairman Dassault Systèmes
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