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Experience The Virtual Twin For A Sustainable Economy

Bengaluru, India

Immerse yourself in captivating stories from our customers and industry leaders on the impact of Virtual Twin Experiences on rethinking products, processes, and business models.

Our Speakers

  • Bernard Charles > Speaker>  Dassault Systèmes
    Bernard CHARLÈS
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer - Dassault Systèmes
    Bernard Charlès has been Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Systèmes since 1995, and Chairman of the Board of Directors since January 2023. Today, the Company, world leader in…
  • Deepak NG > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes®
    Deepak NG
    Managing Director - Dassault Systèmes India
    Deepak NG was appointed as Managing Director for Dassault Systèmes India in February 2020. He joined Dassault Systèmes in 2011 and carries more than 21 years of experience across…
  • Florence VERZELEN > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes®
    Florence VERZELEN
    Executive Vice President, Industry, Marketing & Sustainability - Dassault Systèmes
    Florence VERZELEN is Dassault Systèmes’ Executive Vice President in charge of Industry, Marketing & Sustainability since 2018. Her role is to grow the portfolio of solutions…
  • Morgan ZIMMERMANN > Speaker>  Dassault Systèmes
    Chief Executive Officer, NETVIBES - Dassault Systèmes
    Morgan ZIMMERMANN is the Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Systèmes NETVIBES, where he is responsible for all aspects of the brand strategy, portfolio and business operations. …
  • Shree HARSHA > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes®
    Shree HARSHA
    Global Business Services Industry Business Strategy & Consulting Director - Dassault Systèmes
    Shree HARSHA brings nearly two decades of international Business consulting experience and is currently responsible for Marketing, Industry Solutions, and Communication. Harsha is…
  • Praveen MYSORE > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes®
    Praveen MYSORE
    Industry Consultant Director - Dassault Systèmes India
    Mr. Praveen Mysore is Technical Director at Dassault Systèmes India Private Limited. He has been associated with Dassault Systèmes since 2002. Before joining Dassault Systèmes he…
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