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In this experience zone, discover how we are aligned with Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, enabling INDIAN OEM's grow through Outcome-Based Engagements.

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“Atmanirbhar” Battery: Enabling Indian OEMs grow their IP through Outcome-Based Engagement

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In addition to designing safer, longer-lasting, faster charging, cost-efficient, and energy-dense batteries, the OEMs are aiming to reduce reliance on imports amid global supply-chain disruptions.  Keeping in mind the sensitivity and criticality of the role battery plays in transportation, mobility, and storage, Dassault Systèmes  Outcome-Based Engagement delivers, runs, and improves the creation of IP for our strategic customers. We cut down battery cell manufacturing time through virtual design-of-experiments and reduce reliance on costly & rare resources used in battery cells through virtual twin experiences. We predict battery life through AI & machine learning and, enable OEMs to achieve sustainable innovation for the next generation self-reliant battery.

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Design, Establish and Progress through Outcome approach

This demo will be available in physical playground only

A significant way for businesses to lower their risks and increase their success is to share responsibility with their software partners for achieving concrete benefits from business-critical, enterprise-level software. The goal: to ensure that the software provider will be fully committed to achieving the client’s business goals. The incentive: compensating the software company based on the benefits it generates for the client’s business. The outcome-Based Engagement (OBE) approach focuses on business results and shares both risks and rewards. We Deliver the design, Establish the process by running the models, and progress by Improving the process/ models for you to reap the benefits of the Virtual Twins. Quick time to market is always a company's advantage and the OBE is a recognized way to achieve market agility.