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H1st Vision Virtual Twin Experience

H1st Vision Virtual Twin Experience debuted at VivaTech 2023, demonstrating collaborative innovation for future mobility through cutting-edge technology that places human experience at the core. Now arriving in Darmstadt at the 3DEXPERIENCE Conference, H1st encompasses the innovation that occurs when a physical vehicle is intrinsically connected to its virtual twin.

The concept comprises 20 operational breakthroughs and envisions future experiences by connecting independent mobility systems. Backed by expertise from Software République members and a 100-person team, H1st Vision offers an interactive experience for stakeholders, from Vehicle Architects to Experience Designers, based on model-based architecture and data-driven Virtual Twin simulation. Focused on driver access, personalization, and safety within a system of systems, H1st emphasizes leveraging system engineering for an enriched human experience across intricate systems.

Epicnpoc bridges physical and digital realms with their BOWL® Virtual Experience, and serve as the H1st concept's ecosystem backbone. Discover more about BOWL® technology, which features three unique applications for development and communication mirrored on both physical and digital products: Hybrid Presentation, Remote Presentation, and Digital Experience.

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The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a suite of connected tools and apps specifically designed to meet the needs of tomorrow's designers and engineers. Suitable learning solutions are available to all audiences: from educators and students for the most diverse teaching, learning and project needs, to companies to become proficient in no time.

Lifelong Learning with 3DEXPERIENCE.

Visit the 3DEXPERIENCE Education booth at the 3DEXPERIENCE Conference in Darmstadt and find out what opportunities 3DEXPERIENCE offers you for lifelong learning - whether through eLearnings, certifications or communities. Our experts will give you insights into learning solutions right for your needs.

And in practice?

HORYZN, a student initiative of TU Munich, will showcase which innovative and sustainable ideas are being implemented by students using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform: The team has developed a defibrillator drone that can be used to treat people in hard-to-reach areas in the event of cardiac arrest.

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Horyzn Mission Pulse

Founded in 2019, HORYZN is a student initiative at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), comprising 70 dedicated students. We bridge academia and industry, applying theoretical knowledge to innovate in aerospace. Our standout project, Mission Pulse, deploys drones to autonomously deliver defibrillators, aiming to triple survival rates from cardiac arrest. With international collaboration and strong industry ties, we represent the nexus of research, industry, and student ambition.

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GATE Jetpack

At GATE Space we’re dedicated to making mobility affordable for everyone, so the endless possibilities of space can be truly open. We develop affordable and simple propulsion solutions for the NewSpace economy. Our team is chasing the vision of a thriving economy in space and tackling space engineering problems with a rapid prototyping philosophy. Our focus lies on the development of the GATE Jetpack – a plug-and-play mobility solution for satellite missions.

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CATIA User Community

The CATIA User Community is your place to shape the world we live in! Dive into a world of expertise and knowledge to strengthen and evolve your skills. Be social and exchange with CATIA experts and users from all over the world. Share your knowledge with other users.

Visit us in the playground to learn how you can become part of the CATIA family.

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Guide Share Europe (GSE)

GUIDE SHARE EUROPE (GSE) is a European non-profit association. We represent hundreds of companies and thousands of IT professionals engaged in Information Technology solutions. Our community is actively involved in more than 90 working groups, highlighting our dynamic and diverse tech landscape.

Rooted in a rich history with the ICT industry and IBM, we strive to create a thriving platform where tech enthusiasts can exchange knowledge, develop advanced technical solutions, and foster synergy. Our collective expertise spans multiple industry sectors, making us a beacon of innovation and technological excellence.

At GSE, we truly believe in empowering our members to surpass tomorrow's challenges and guide the next generation of Enterprise IT. Join us in our mission to shape the future of IT. Together, we will drive the discourse of tech advancement, contribute to best practices, and usher in the new era of digital transformation.