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Learn how Industries are meeting their consumer’s expectations with breathtaking experiences using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Boost you consumer electronics innovation

Boost your consumer electronics innovation


Discover how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can connect the dots between Innovation, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing and external suppliers. This end-to-end story shows the different development steps of a new innovative Smart Speaker called BEAMY2, including global collaboration through Business platform openness, Industrial Design, Modular portfolio, System Engineering, Mechanical/Software/Electronics integration, Advanced Simulation,  Marketing Assets creation.

The Gingko footwear design project, from concept to prototype

Gingko footwear design project


The ‘Gingko’ sport-shoes project is an end-to-end concept, from ideation to prototype, produced with all disciplines in the creation process of a consumer goods company and its ecosystem. It highlights how a consumer goods team developed the Gingko running shoes, collaborating across different roles, making the right decisions while reducing development time and costs.

Using Dassault Systèmes’ ‘Product Industrial Designer’, designers can innovate and collaborate to create “best-selling” products. Design teams can create the right design faster by harnessing accurate information and correctly predicting the customer experience.

Dassault Systèmes has developed this unique solution as a complete and integrated workflow for shape design, styling, and surfacing. Thanks to this unified industrial design workflow solution, any creative company can imagine, create, manipulate, explore, and validate more ideas. It is intuitive and easy to use.

Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicle

Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicle


The development of electrical vehicles is a challenge nearly all vehicle manufacturers are embracing. To help them succeed, Dassault Systèmes offers a solution which is based on systems engineering. This enables the development of vehicle prototypes to be accelerated thanks to virtual testing, and real time connectivity to a full size vehicle mule dedicated to validating driving experiences. This experience illustrates how Dassault Systèmes solutions are used in the development of new experiences for an electric vehicle, such as lateral parking and a 360° on the spot turn. A 10th scale replica of the vehicle is connected in real-time to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allowing for rapid approval of the concepts. The digital continuity from requirements to engineering parameters provides a seamless management of impacts and simulation. 

The Living Heart Project for zSpace

Innovate for Health


How “Personalized Health” and “Simulation Everywhere” with Human Modeling can support the delivery of Patient Centric Experiences 

The Living Heart Project for zSpace demonstrates, with the latest virtual reality technologies, how device manufacturers can predict not only the behavior and response of their device in a dynamic, realistic environment, but can also ascertain the effect of the device on the heart itself.  In this Experience, viewers can interact with the physics of the healthy heart model and experience how it is used for stent, pacemaker lead and TAVR device design.  

The Brain Experience for zSpace demonstrates, with the latest virtual reality technologies, that researchers can leverage virtual human models in their overall product testing process to better understand and visualize how their product will interact with humans. The Brain Experience shows two examples of how clinical interventions can be tested and optimized, as well as an example around head impact which can be used for the design of safer helmets or other products.