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Aerospace & Defense

Bold advancements remain the hallmark of the Aerospace & Defense Industry that pioneered air and space travel.

This spirit is now being brought to bear on new challenges ranging from securing program performance and attracting the next generation of experts to pursuing new markets and taking on new competitors. Doing so in a scalable, sustainable, and profitable manner is the driver for innovation.

Born in Aerospace & Defense, Dassault Systèmes has driven many innovations that have transformed how engineers, designers, and experts work. Equipping these individuals with the technology to define, communicate, collaborate, and predict how their designs will perform so they can be optimized even before they are built is the role we play.

Dassault Systèmes offers integrated solutions for the Aerospace & Defense industry with a 3D concept:

- Data Integrity: Single source of truth beyond the company boarders
- Digital continuity across the disciplines
- Driving passenger experience to the next level

The 3DEXPERIENCE Forum EUROCENTRAL 2017 in Leipzig will show solutions and best practices around topics such as simulation lifecycle management for aerostructures, AR & VR or digital factory related topics like Industry 4.0 above the clouds.

Aerospace & Defense

Spot on: Aerospace & Defense

Sessions, roundtables and experiences

During our breakout sessions attendees can learn more about mastering the complexity – supply chain management at ThyssenKrupp, or hear about Industry 4.0 above the clouds from Airbus … On top of that round table discussion focus on change management 4.0, high-end visualization and product experience in VR and simulation lifecycle management for aerostructures.

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Meet the expert and discuss your individual questions

Meet the expert: Aerospace & Defense

Meet the expert and discuss your individual questions

Stefan SCHMID, Expert Client Executive, Dassault Systèmes is responsible for major aerospace customers of Dassault Systèmes as Expert Client Executive since January 2017. His focus is strengthening the business relationship with the customers in this important and steadily growing market segment. After his study of economic sciences, he initially worked as professional pilot, an affinity to the aerospace domain, which last until today. His career in the IT-based engineering domain begun in the year 2000, where his focus had been the aerospace market already. During 3DEXPERIENCE Forum Stefan Schmid will be available for questions regarding Dassault Systèmes solutions for the Aerospace & Defense Industry.

Stefan Schmid


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