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    Ideal Tools is the official distributor of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation solutions for 3D design (CAD / CAE / PDM / PLM / CAPP / CAM). Since October 1, 2017, the company has been doing all the work to develop the Dassault Systèms SolidWorks affiliate network: it organizes various services to support the dealer network, provides marketing and information support, supports a community of active software users, and develops SolidWorks software cantrification components.

Platinum partner


    Softline helps to transform the business digitally for customers around the world. Softline is a trusted partner and a reliable provider of advanced technologies and cybersecurity tools for them. The company conducts business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Gold partner


    SWR Group of Companies is a leading system integrator. It has been providing solutions and services to the Russian industrial sector for more than 20 years. The company successfully introduces modern automation technologies into a single information ecosystem of an enterprise. Our goal is to assist enterprises in a flexible approach to creating sophisticated science-intensive products in the digital age.

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