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Shaping the Sustainable Mine of the Future

On Demand E-Seminar | English | 1H02

Consumers, employees, and society at large increasingly expect businesses to lead the way on sustainability initiatives. With sustainability emerging as a business imperative in today's experience economy, those that step up have the opportunity to reap great rewards.

  • Michelle ASH  > Speaker > Dassault Systèmes®
    Michelle ASH
    GEOVIA CEO - Dassault Systèmes
    Michelle ASH has made significant contributions to the mining sector with a focus on Innovation Strategy, Technology,…
  • Thomas Grand headshot > Dassault Systèmes
    Thomas GRAND
    Vice President Energy & Materials - Dassault Systèmes
    Thomas Grand was appointed Vice President, Energy and Materials Industry, Dassault Systèmes, in 2016. In this role,…
  • Alice STEENLAND > Speaker Image > Dassault Systèmes
    Chief Sustainability Officer - Dassault Systèmes
    Alice Steenland brings over 20 years of experience and a broad systems perspective to Dassault Systèmes, having held…
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