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The Additive Manufacturing Symposium aims at sharing the latest innovations for production and offers collaborative opportunities to address these challenges and accelerate the adoption and advancement of the technology. This Symposium will bring together expert speakers and panelists from different sectors of technology including industry executives, research leaders, independent consultants, software and hardware vendors, product designers/engineers as well as manufacturing engineers/managers.

The morning session will be comprised of keynote talks from industry leaders as well as presentations of latest trends in hardware development. The afternoon session will include panel discussions and technical presentations. We will also be hosting an Additive Manufacturing Hackathon session that will start in the afternoon.

Come prepared to experience the future of design and manufacturing – all driven by science! Stay tuned for detailed agenda, speaker announcements, panel discussion topics and Hackathon design statements.

Goals and objectives of the Symposium:

  • Learn about Additive Manufacturing from design to manufacturing
  • Engage with software and hardware developers
  • Obtain hands-on experience through the Hackathon and network with the Additive Manufacturing community
  • Consult with industry experts to address challenges
  • Learn about Additive Manufacturing trends in new materials, new processes and new applications


Who attends the Symposium:

  • Software developers
  • Hardware vendors
  • Research professionals
  • Corporate executives and business owners
  • Product designers and engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers and managers

  • May 15-18 2017 - 12.50 am - 2.00 am