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Digital Transformation in the Food and Beverage Industry through Data Science and Engineering

The operational complexity faced by global food and beverage companies is enormous, managing consumer demands, raw materials, supplier quality, import/export issues, multiple languages, and food safety regulations. Dealing with the different laws and regulations in different states can be very challenging. To manage this enormous complexity companies must make the strategic decision to digitize all aspects of their business and embrace data science. As a whole, the food and beverage industry has been slow to embrace a data science approach in its core R&D operations, with Unilever and Nestle being notable exceptions. This presentation will discuss how food and beverage companies can fully digitize operations through data science and data engineering approaches. The core challenges to digital transformation will be presented, with key examples of how data science approaches can help global food companies make better, faster decisions in areas such as product development, regulatory compliance, and food safety risk reduction.