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Thank your for attending the Manufacturing Learning Expedition

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September 19-20, 2018 | Shanghai, China

At Manufacturing in the Age of Experience learning Expedition, an engaged community gathered to look into the future of Manufacturing.


This 4th edition of the event, during the 20th China Industrial International Fair, was designed just for our exclusive audience to share our “Industry Renaissance” vision and the impact on Manufacturing, to provide proof points of what is happening with experts and leading companies, to inspire and explore future trends in Manufacturing, and to showcase how can the 3DEXPERIENCE can change the business equation

A unique opportunity to experience Manufacturing in Action and the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin participating in 8 interactive workshops set up “in the real life of the factory”, with a production line of gearboxes on stage.

It was also an event built in cooperation with key partners (Tsinghua University and McKinsey & Company Digital Capability Center Beijing, Lean Intelligence, ABB, NavVis, OSIsoft, Forbes) and we would like to thank them for their key contributions.



To extend your experience, relive the “Manufacturing in Action” Workshops, to show how to drive the real world from the virtual one, and to measure how it can help to improve speed and agility. 

Combining digital tools, use cases, V+R and strategic content, this immersive journey highlights major challenges and key value gained on 8 domains: Manufacturing Operations Management – Digital Transformation and Capability Building (McKinsey & Company) – Lean Management – Value Network Optimization – Automation Simulation – Integrated Quality Management – Model-Based Manufacturing – IIoT & Manufacturing Analytics


Navigate through this digital map and watch again the workshops of the 8 domains



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