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Event Overview

November 17-18

SIMULIA Regional User Meetings
Download the full detailed Agenda here:


Each day consists of 2 hours of live content plus additional on-demand content to be viewed at your leisure. See time zones to find your conference start time. 

Preliminary Agenda 

Below is an overview of the agenda for the Global 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling and Simulation Virtual Conference. For abstracts and presenter biographies please download the conference e-Guide.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Live - 1 hour
Hear from our customers and Dassault Systèmes executives

• Modeling & Simulation: A Perfect Union of Form and Function on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Olivier Sappin, CEO CATIA & Eric Bienvenu, Vice President Global Sales, SIMULIA
• Customer Keynote: The Transition to 3DEXPERIENCE, An Aerospace Simulation Perspective John Vandeventer, Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing
• Modeling & Simulation Showcase: eDrive MBSE Demo Gregor Judex, SIMULIA Industry 
Consultant Director

Live Meetings

SIMULIA Regional User Meetings

Live - 1 hour
We are delighted to announce SIMULIA Regional User Meetings within the Global 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling & Simulation Virtual Conference. Connect with users and Dassault Systèmes executives from your local user community.

• Japan Regional User Meeting - language Japanese
• China Regional User Meeting - language Chinese
• SIMULIA AP South Regional User Meeting, including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia  - language English
• EuroNorth Regional User Meeting,  including UK, Denmark, Norway and Sweden - language English
• EuroWest Regional User Meeting (France) -  language French
• EuroWest Regional User Meeting (Spain) - language Spanish
• EuroMed Regional User Meeting, including Italy, Turkey, Israel, Balkans, Greece and Slovenia - language English
• North America Regional User Meeting, including United States, Canada and Mexico - language English
• Brazil Regional User Meeting - language  Portuguese

We are also delighted to announce the following CATIA sessions: 

• Dassault Systèmes’ Future Strategy of Model Based Systems Engineering 
• Dassault Systèmes’ Strategy of Simulation for Designers 

Wednesday, November 18


Live - 1 hour
Hear from customers and Dassault Systèmes executives

• Welcome Olivier Sappin, CEO CATIA & Eric Bienvenu, Vice President Global Sales, SIMULIA
• Modeling & Simulation R&D Portfolio and New Applications David Holman, Vice President, SIMULIA R&D; 
• Romain Perron, Senior Director, CATIA Design & Engineering R&D Applications
• Customer Keynote Dr. R. Byron Pipes, Purdue University
• The Key Role of Modeling & Simulation in the Fight Against the Pandemic Adrien Mann, Director, SIMULIA Worldwide Industry Process Success; Liangbo Hu, China Industry Process Consultant; Gregory Laskowski, SIMULIA Fluids Industry Process Expert Director
Technology Updates and Live Q&A with R&D

Live - 1 hour
Learn about key changes to our software

• Simulation Update: Structures
• Simulation Update: Fluids Portfolio Simulation Update: Electromagnetics
• Simulation Update: Electromagnetics
• Simulation Update: Multibody Dynamics
• Simulation Update: Vibro-Acoustics & Noise
• Simulation Update: Multiphysics / Electrification / Battery
• Simulation Update: Simulation Process Automation & Design Exploration
• CATIA Live Talk: CATIA 21x 

Breakout Sessions 

Watch at leisure
During the two days of the conference attendees are able to watch on demand presentations from our users and Dassault Systèmes technology experts. Search by topic or technology or build your own agenda with more than 40 user presentations from around the world on multiple topics, including: 

• Cyber Physical Systems (MBSE)
• Concept Structure Engineering
• Light Weight Engineering
• Design with Integrated Modeling & Simulation
• Modeling & Simulation from an Industry Perspective
• Enhanced Performance with Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation
• Improve Real-World Performance with Structures Simulation, including Abaqus, 
fe-safe, Tosca, Isight and 3DEXPERIENCE Structures
• Reveal & Shape with Fluid Simulation, including PowerFLOW, XFlow and 
• Enabling IoT with Electromagnetics Simulation, including CST Studio Suite, Antenna Magus and Opera
• Multibody Dynamics, including Simpack
• Vibro-Acoustics and Noise, including Wave6 and Fluids technology for Noise 
• Partner Track

Networking, Chat Rooms, Expo Hall and more! 

Available all day after plenary 


Chat Rooms

Join in live topical discussions with each other and subject matter experts in:

• Simulation Community
• Design Community

Expo Hall
Meet with our partners to learn more about their technology solutions

Learn more about our technology and hot topics in key industries

• Immersive Virtuality
• 5G and the Next Industrial Revolution
• Achieving Quieter Flight Through Simulation
• Electric Vehicle Simulation to Shape the Future of Mobility
• Leverage Simulation to Meet Emission Regulations in the Age of WLTP
• Oil & Gas Digital Transformation – Reusable Examples from Other Industries
• Print to Perform: Simulation for Additive Manufacturing
• Vehicle Noise & Vibration Simulation to Engineer Better Driving Experiences
• eMobility
• Concept Structure Engineering
• Light Weight Engineering
• Cyber Physical System


Watch plenary, Live Meetings and Breakout Sessions at your leisure. Each live session will be made on demand immediately to allow attendees to watch at times that suits them most! 




Conference Start Times:

Europe / Asia Pacific

• London | 7AM - 10AM
• Paris & Rome | 8AM - 11AM
• Bangalore | 12:30AM - 3:30PM
• Singapore | 3PM - 6PM
• Beijing | 3PM - 6PM
• Tokyo & Seoul | 4PM - 7PM


Americas / Europe

• San Francisco | 8AM - 11AM
• Chicago | 10AM - 1PM
• Boston | 11AM - 2PM
• Sao Paulo | 1PM - 4PM
• London | 4PM - 7PM
• Paris & Rome | 5PM - 8PM