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  • Hugues MASSE

    Modeling & simulation R&D Manager - Plastic Omnium

    Modeling & simulation R&D Manager - Plastic Omnium

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    In 2004, Hugues joined the Plastic Omnium Research Center in Brussels, Belgium, as simulation engineer. He is today manager of the R&D simulation team focused on hydrogen-related products, and responsible for building and executing a long-term strategy for simulation deployment. 
    Hugues holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and spent two years at National Research Council Canada in Montreal as post-doctorate research associate, working on polymer processing simulation before joining Plastic Omnium.
    Hugues is also member of the board of simulation experts in the French automotive engineers society and member of the Nafems “simulation governance and management” workgroup.

    Weld bead forming during manufacturing of an automotive plastic fuel tank

    Plastic fuel tanks for the automotive industry are mainly produced using the blow molding process. During this process, two hot polymer sheets are pressed together to create a seal. 
    This seal has a typical double-bead shape and creates a local rigidity on the surface of tank shell, which has consequences on the mechanical resistance of the fuel tank. It is therefore important to predict this welding process to anticipate and optimize the pinch shape, and de-risk the product.
    Thanks to Dassault France, we are investigating Abaqus CEL capabilities to simulate this complex rheology phenomenon.