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What about using simulation to help designers create the best cost-effective design that fulfills the requirements? 

Forget about the niche tools reserved only for a few experts, smart vertical applications are built on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform with designers in mind, to remove guesswork for optimized product design. Improvements of productivity and design quality through seamless integration between design and simulation are demonstrated through a performance based plastic part design and mold design workflow. Ramping up from simple validation tests on a design to embracing the full advantages of the multiscale and multidiscipline simulation possibilities can boost innovation in all domains.

• Simulation as a Design Tool – Why would a Designer do Simulation? What does SIMULIA offer to Designers?
• Smart Vertical Application  – No user manual in paper,  Self-explanatory and guided, Embedded simulation expertise 
• Performance based plastic part and mold design – End-to-end solution: Plastic injection for part design, process validation, cooling, mold design and strength validation
• Multiscale and multidiscipline simulation scheme – connecting the dots from logical to physical simulation, across multiple physics

  • April 05 - 11:30 - 12:30 PM