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See the un-seeable

Immersive Virtuality is a truly engaging and comprehensive experience that leverages Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), to visualize realistic simulations, allowing you to observe things that simply cannot be seen in real life. This could mean a realistic car crash in slow motion, the antenna strength of a smartwatch, or even the muscular skeletal behavior of a human shoulder in motion. 
3D is a common language that speaks to everyone. It makes Immersive Virtuality an intuitive way to understand very complex behaviors. It also helps you communicate and share simulation results with a larger audience, or internally to management and executives. Think how it might help you to justify budgets or effectively communicate analysis results to your team or your manager.
Immersive Virtuality can improve work efficiency and productivity as well as facilitate the conversation with end users or customers, greatly improving understanding and engagement.


Facility Inspection

What You See: A look through the walls at a 3DEXPERIENCE twin of a facility’s piping system 

How It Works: Structural and thermal simulation results are visualized within the walls and floor 

Why It’s Important: Designers and operators can evaluate performance and efficiency on-site

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Human Shoulder

What You See: A 3DEXPERIENCE twin of a human shoulder in motion

How It Works: Advanced simulation allows you to view the muscular-skeletal behavior of a virtual human

Why It’s Important: This enables doctors, engineers, and clinicians to better understand and share patient-specific insights 

More Info: SIMULIA Blog


Smart Watch

What You See: Smart watch performance visualization

How It Works: Electromagnetic simulations reveal the watch’s antenna performance when worn on a wrist

Why It’s Important: This is the best way to test for potential issues with user safety and device interoperability

More Info: SIMULIA Blog

Concept Car

What You See: Simulations of a concept car’s 3DEXPERIENCE twin

How It Works: The car design can be virtually tested and optimized for aerodynamic performance and crash safety

Why It’s Important: Optimization identifies solutions early when design changes are relatively inexpensive

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3DEXPERIENCE Simulation on Wheels 2019 > Concept Car > Dassault Systèmes®