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Parallel session 3: Industry session - Life Sciences


14:30 - Welcome & Introduction

Speaker: Emmanuele Puricelli

14:35 - Impact of Digital Continuity for LifeSciences

Speaker: Leif Pedersen

The increasingly competitive and regulated environment in Life Sciences demand organizations to transform the way they are working today. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform of Dassault Systèmes helps companies to manage the complexities from early discovery, to the medicinal product providing digital continuity for collaborative innovation and operational excellence.

14:50 - Digitalization for Data Integrity and Regulatory Compliance

Speaker: Raffaella Vaiani

A brief overview on how the digitalization helps and supports Data Integrity and Regulatory Compliance: a path to reach regulatory compliance through processes review and digitalization.

15:15 - The value of unified lab management in BioPharma

Speaker: Daniela Jansen

Innovation and Quality in BioPharmaceutical organizations rely heavily on successful and smooth laboratory operations. With the need to reduce bottlenecks and to become more productive, laboratory organizations will need to change the way how they are working to today, moving away from paper-based and disconnected solutions. This presentation shows how the Lab Informatics Solution from Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA helps unifying people, processes and data and how it is supporting BioPharmaceutical customers improving efficiency, reducing cost and speed scientific innovation.

15:40 - Predictive Analytics to Optimize Time To Market in Pharmaceutical Industry

Speaker: Ing. Alberto Savoldelli

Pharmaceutical companies operate in an increasingly challenging context. Population aging, life expectancy, access to medical care and the benefits of genome coding and personalized medicine are just some of the trends that will distinguish market development over the coming decades.
The speech will illustrate how predictive analysis applications can support decision making, R&D asset portfolio management, clinical trials, serial production, and the use of in-silicon trial to accelerate Time-to -Market of new products.

16:05 -  Improving BioPharmaceutical quality and manufacturing processes

Speaker: Daniela Jansen

Quality and compliance often only considered  a cost and a burden. By taking a holistic approach and by implementing a Total Quality strategy throughout the organization and the product lifecycle, BioPharmacuetical companies can improve quality as well as increase their operational and business performance. This presentation will highlight different aspects of quality to be considered in this approach as well as the value of digital continuity for a horizontally and vertically connected organization to achieve Quality and Operational Excellence throughout the extended enterprise.

  • November 14 2017 - 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm