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Parallel session 1: Smart manufacturing


14:30 - Welcome & Introduction

Speaker: Adriano Garella

14:35 - Industry 4.0: genesis and evolution

Speaker: Sergio Terzi

What does Industry 4.0 stand for? Where is it from? Why do we talk so much about it in Italy? What does the national plan tell us? Where are we? The presentation will try to answer this - and similar - questions.

14:55 - Digital Transformation - Customer Interview: Thales Alenia Space

Speaker: Fabio Occhioni

The presentation will show the vision of Thales Alenia Space's Digital Continuity, the tools and the greatest benefits gained.

15:15 - Case Study: Practical usage of Delmia at MPL Automation

Speaker: Szabolcs Gal

Offline programming (OLP) and simulation are powerful tools to reduce the time and money needed to design a robotic cell. The robot program is developed on a computer, in a specialized software (in this case DELMIA), using the exact 3D model of the robotic cell. 

15:35 - Digital Twin, MES & MOM: Manufacturing Digitalization

Speaker: Marcello Pellicciari

With advanced simulation tools and methods, it is now possible to create virtual prototypes able to faithfully replicate the behavior of real production systems, realizing "Gemello Digitale/Digital Twin" with which you can increase performance and profitability. By integrating Digital Twin with MES and MOM, it is possible to optimize productivity in real time and to design new business models and production strategies.

15:55 - Flexible planning and programming: "must" for the Automotive companies 

Speaker: Claudio Perlo

For Automotive Industry companies, having an ERP system that knows how to handle industry specificities but also knows how to integrate flows and data from specialized applications such as CAD, PDM, PLM, APS, and MES is becoming a prerequisite to stay competitive in a profitable way. Industry 4.0 for companies can be an opportunity to adopt those tools that can "collaborate" on efficiency and automation of production processes, even as "departmental" applications. 

16:15 - Conclusion 

Speaker: Adriano Garella

  • November 14 2017 - 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm