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Share Inspiration and Expertise

How can you ensure that the methods used to create new products today will fulfill the requirements for tomorrow’s customer experiences? Are your design, engineering and manufacturing teams still working in silos, or do they already collaborate closely based on the same sources of information?

The 3DEXPERIENCE Forum Eurocentral presents an open stage for today’s leading experts from a vast array of backgrounds, who will share visionary insights and cutting edge perspectives through inspiring keynotes and thought leadership presentations.
Through customer success stories, which illustrate actual best practices, to the most recent findings of leading researchers and scientists, you will be empowered to reinvent your own business step by step!

Dassault Systèmes dedicates itself to a clear mission: Shaping Digital Transformation as an experience by connecting all the dots between people, ideas and data! The way we design, manufacture and use products today will be radically altered by future developments. Interaction, exchange and feedback between multiple systems are indispensable to drive innovation.