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From isolated production sites to a factory of the future

Personalization is the hallmark of the experience economy. Today, consumers expect customized experiences without accepting loss in quality of a product. To keep up with these requirements at the speed of market, companies must be agile - a challenging task for managing multisite manufacturing. 3 main topics need to be considered:

Digital Manufacturing –is the layer between engineering and the actual shop floor. Manufacturers need to take the right steps now to build their competitive factories of the future and to ensure digital continuity along the entire value stream.

Manufacturing Operations Management – as the day-to-day basis during production. MOM solutions help manufacturers transform global production operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence. This is achieved by improving visibility into, control over and synchronization across manufacturing operations and supply chain processes on a global scale.

Supply Chain Planning & Operations – The key to successful supply chain planning lies not in managing each link of the chain well, but in planning and optimizing as a whole.

Join us at the 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM 2017 in Leipzig and deepen your knowledge of Additive Manufacturing, Agile Manufacturing Operations, the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin and Supply Chain Management!