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Mixed Reality & Business Platform

Knowledge transfer and "virtual & real world connections"

Whenever we have an image aligned to our field of learning our learning factor increases by 30%, whenever we experience something our learning curve goes up to even 90%.

These figures show a good reason for the use of VR and AR applications. The 3DEXPERIENCE Forum in Göttingen will show how a virtual twin adds real benefits and how the gap between the real and the virtual world can be minimized.

In times of the ‘Industry Renaissance’ entirely new business models emerge. Connecting data and devices; allowing machines to communicate seamlessly and harmonizing our ways of working together becomes essential.

Join us at the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum in Göttingen and see how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is bridging the gap between virtual and real and how one holistic platform can be the boundary spanner for companywide knowledge sources.