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Oil & Gas


The objective of this 10 minute live demonstration is to show you how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform empowers collaboration and boosts productivity in multidimensional construction modeling & planning to optimize construction schedule.


Within an “Engineering, Procurement & Construction” company, the Construction Planner connects to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


After updating the Construction BOM, taking into account the latest design and modification done by the Engineering Designer, the Construction Planner focuses on a new vessel that has been added to the digital mockup.


Identifying issues at a very early stage is key for the project. This is why the he will integrate quickly this new equipment within the construction planning and define a construction scenario to make sure it can be easily installed on site. Then, the installation of this vessel will be documented through work instructions.


Finally, thanks to a single source of truth and a seamless collaboration with the Engineering Designer, the Construction Planner will demonstrate how the process of installing a new equipment can be easily planned and validated through simulations.



Quintiq's integrated planning system for oil refineries enables you to:


  • Simulate and optimize refinery processes to predict total processing time
  • Explore production cut-back simulations in order to prepare for disruptions, such as equipment failure or feed stock shortages
  • Adjust processing facility schedules in real-time to accommodate for disruptions and capacity constraints
  • Generate long-term, mid-term and short-term plans, from multi-year investment planning to monthly supply and production planning to daily production scheduling
  • Support traders in determining what feed stocks to purchase and what products to sell and at what price


The purpose of the Hololens Facility Inspection Experience is to illustrate a scenario where the user would be onsite at a facility, inspecting pipes and a pump with their simulation results.


The geometries are supposed to be hidden parts, made visible through the hololens, allowing to “see through” the floor or the walls. The pipes are underneath the floor, and the pump is inside a wall.


The results are displacement (Pipes) and Stresses (Pump). Each model comes with a floating legend letting the user know what kind of results is displayed.



Dassault Systèmes has a wide portfolio of advanced platform-enabled and connected technologies that have been delivering tangible benefits to the global Energy industry in:


  • Project Management
  • Capital and Construction Projects
  • Subsurface Modeling
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Asset Control
  • Operations Optimization
  • and many other business-critical areas

We competently cross-pollinate our industries by bringing relevant experiences and efficiencies from other relevant areas. 

Digitalizing the Oilfield


As part of our industrial business diversification program, we are currently in the opening stages of implementing digital Product Lifecycle Manufacturing (PLM) principles and our platform technology in key Oil & Gas Upstream business processes. One of such areas is Field Development Planning (sometimes also called Concept Development).


Digital Continuity and Corporate Knowledge Capture


The same methodology and platform approach would extend to other Upstream business segments beyond FDP – Execution (i.e. Field Development) and Operations (i.e. Production), delivering true digital continuity for the enterprise. Most importantly, results and knowledge received at all stages will be properly captured and stored for future re-use, business optimization and improvement.



Plant Immersive Experience with HTC Vive For Operation & Maintenance in Process Facilities.


The 3DEXPERIENCE twin is the as maintained 3D representation of a plant in operation . Thanks to semantic links, the user is accessing from the 3D environment to any information system providing insights such as: equipment requirements & documentation or operational data historian. This a virtual sandbox for Mission Preparation and Pre-job Briefing allowing scale 1 feasibility verification.


Once a specific procedure is defined – e.g. actuator commissioning – this is the safe and available environment for Virtual Training until perfection before performing on the real facility.